Louisa Shell Jackson


People First

Louisa Shell Jackson


I am honored to be your State House Representative for District 100 candidate and look forward to serving the community.

I will work to align our community on the critical areas that are important to all of us.  I believe that we are all connected and want the best for the children and families in the community.  That being said, my background in Human Resources has prepared me well to resolve many challenges facing us everyday as we continue to grow.
I will focus primarily on the following:
Education – ensure that we support and fully fund schools to continue to provide first in class curriculum to the students.  Our teachers work very hard to provide a safe and supportive environment where students can thrive.  There has been recent aggressive actions taken to attempt to diminish our school system and those in leadership instead of working collaboratively on resolving issues.  I will also ensure that technology platforms continue to be available for instruction.  DEI initiatives are also important to prepare the students for a global economy.
Safety and security of our community – we must be vigilant in ensuring that we continue to train and monitor the threat of violence in our schools and community.  The unpredictable nature of the epidemic cannot be ignored or minimized.  I will pursue more stringent gun controls and to ban assault rifles and weapons that have no place in the hands of civilians and to ensure that proper protocols are followed in the purchase and possession of guns and more awareness is made to the schools and community of potential threat.  The second amendment was meant to protect and provide security in the face of actual threat, not to kill children in schools or citizens in general.  We are able to make swift regulatory changes to protect our people and I intend to support and engage in those collaborative efforts along with my fellow lawmakers.  
Healthcare – the community needs good quality access to healthcare including abortion and mental health.  It is incumbent upon us to ensure that reproductive freedom and choice is protected.  People should not be forced to endure the lifelong implications of extreme hardship physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially by being denied the right to an abortion.  Every situation is different and very sensitive and personal to those involved and must be regarded as such.  Mental Health is integral in the community’s wellbeing and broadened access to resources and treatment is critical for all.  We all can make a difference and take action which I intend to do as your State House Representative.  
Voting Rights – I will work to ensure that the integrity and access to vote is protected and maintained for our people.  We must unite as we did in ensuring access to COVID tests and ensure that voting is made available to people.
Economy and Employment – I am a proponent of offering companies incentives to establish operations in our District.  This will enhance our economy and provide opportunities for the people in our community.  
Infrastructure and Transportation – introducing clean energy and alternative means of transportation for sustainability including extending MARTA rail and buses to our District.  This is integral in our ability to support employment growth and help sustain our environment.



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